Reebok 8000 C TreadmillReebok 8000 C Treadmill

WEB PRICE: $999.00

SALE PRICE: $519.00


Lose weight, while toning and strengthen your entire body with the Reebok 8000 C. Featuring 6 cross-training workouts, this innovative treadmill combines strength-training exercise with powerful, cardio workouts, giving you more results in less time. And, with 9 weight-loss workouts (including 300, 400, 500 and 600 calorie* workouts and the amazing 1 lb. Per Week workout), the 8000 C burns away excess inches fast. This treadmill also comes equipped with a pair of comfortable, 2 lb. hand weights, helping you to build a shapelier, sexier upper body in no time. Other features include a 2.8 HP drive motor, the joint protection of Air Shock cushioning, a 300 lb. weight capacity and a 12-year motor warranty.


AirShock Cushioning

Reduce impact up to 28% with this air-based, shock cushioning system, providing joint protection and a comfortable running surface.

Dual-Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor

Make the most out of every workout by monitoring your heart rate with these sensors that are built into the handlebars, ensuring you’re always in the right training zone for your goals.


Add muscle-sculpting exercise to your cardio workout with 2 upper-body, 2 lower-body and 2 total-body, cross-training workouts.  The Interactive CrossTrainer controls the speed and incline of your treadmill, while intermittently prompting you to perform a variety of strength-training exercises, maximizing your workout results.

ClearView Prizm Backlit Display

With the same clear readout and wide viewing angle as ClearView, the ClearView Prizm display has multiple backlit colors that you can set to fit your personal style. This display also tracks your speed, distance, time, pace, pulse, carbs burned and calories burned and, with the ability to choose which reading appears in the main display, you’ll always have the information you want, when you want.

CoolAire Workout Fan

To help you work out longer and more comfortably, this treadmill has a workout fan built right into the console.

12-Year Motor Warranty

Buy with confidence! This treadmill features a 12-year motor warranty and 90 days parts and labor.

Interactive CrossTrainer

Maximize your results with the Interactive CrossTrainer, which visually prompts you to perform a variety of strength-training exercises throughout your cardio workout, allowing you to burn calories, while building and maintaining muscle mass.

9 Weight Loss Workouts

Burn calories and shed unwanted pounds with these built-in, weight-loss workouts. Designed by a Certified Personal Trainer, the 8000 C comes with 4 calorie-burn workouts (300, 400, 500, 600 calories*) each equipped with 2 time options and a special 1 lb. Per Week workout, giving you fast and amazing results.

2 Lb. Hand Weights

Always within reach, this treadmill comes with a pair of 2 lb. hand weights to help you sculpt and tone your arms, shoulders and back.

Scrolling CrossTrainer Display

This console includes a 7×30 Scrolling CrossTrainer that displays your workout graphically, prompting you when it’s time to perform cross-training exercises.

Individual Weight Input

Get personalized feedback during your workout with this weight-input feature that allows the console to base its calorie-burn calculations on your actual weight, as opposed to an average number of pounds.

Carb Counter

Counting carbs? Our Carb Counter accurately counts the grams of carbohydrates you burn during your workout on an easy-to-read display. 

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